History of the estate

A long and exciting history
You have to go all the way back to 1319 to find the first mention of Bregentved. King Erik Menved bestowed the seat farm to Ringsted Abbey, though they didn't keep Bregentved for long. By 1364, the estate had come into private hands and experienced a chequered history over the next 400 years, through many different noble families. Among others, the estate was a stable-house for Frederick IV in 1718, and served as a barracks with a staff and 250 horses.

A gift from Frederick V
In 1718, Frederick IV purchased the estate, and by 1746, Bregentved was bestowed upon Frederick V to his prime minister and closest advisor A.G. Moltke. Since then, the estate has remained in the family. Today, Bregentved is run by Count Christian Moltke and Count Frederick Moltke as one of Europe's largest agricultural enterprises  with a staff of around 35.